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Back in 1996 or whatever, a college friend of mine wrote a punk song about "boys with yellow fever." She wrote song after the release of the Weezer album "Pinkerton"-- named after (that's right!) the character in "Madama Butterfly." Creepy, creepy Rivers Cuomo-- I guess we know of ONE person who will attend the Twelve Girls Band concert.

Comrade E

Creeeeepy indeed.

I am not an expert but 12 Gs sounds about the same as most China Top 40 songs over the last 5 years. What makes these girls really special, is their original white attire. I bet the highest expense on their tour is bleach.


To Jessica and Whoever,

Hey! Whether you call it yellow fever, rice fever, or whatever, I do not have the fever, I got the rice plague, or yellow plague, call it what you want. Caucasian women cannot even come close to the beauty and sensually of Asian women.

You cannot help but to be a fan of the 12 Girls Band once you can get past your the trailer park mentality and listen to their beautiful and artful music. The talent and intellectually that these women present on stage can be considered nothing more than pure enjoyment.

It’s refreshing to see highly educated and trained musical artist performing, rather than some loud noise high school dropouts coming from a garage calling themselves musicians.

If you cannot like and enjoy the TwelveGirlsBand, you are apparently lacking in what a reasonable person would call musical taste.



Is it somehow not a fetish when Asian men prefer Asian women? Strange that I don't hear many blonde women complain about men liking that characteristic. You sound like a woman who is having trouble facing this issue herself. As if Beyonce, J. Lo and Brittany Spears weren't selected based on their appearance. Do you really think most Asian women don't have preferences themselves? I bet you do. Maybe you just prefer racial groups to stay segregated. Consider joing the modern world.


Regarding the music... I can't see how anyone can say this is not at least a fresh and interesting addition to popular culture. Considering the overwhelming waves or boring material, these old world sounds are certainly welcome. Seriously, look at the women. Do you really think they were all chosen for appearance? They can all play which makes them at least as relevant as Shania Twain, Faith Hill or any of the other beautiful faces we see in popular music today.


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