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Just an historical footnote:

The great grandmother of all Texas pianists was the estimable Lucy Hickenlooper (b. 1882)of San Antonio. On the advice of a manager, she changed her name to Olga Samaroff and as Mme. Samaroff (as my Nebraska piano teacher, a student of Josef Lhevinne, always called her) she went on to fame and fortune, becoming a well-known force in the development of musical education in America.

Mme. Samaroff's most famous marriage was to Leopold Stokowski, who, despite his accent was born in England as Leo Stokes. They eventually divorced, I believe. Perhaps some enterprising composer or filmmaker might want to portray the domestic disputes of the final days of their marriage, with what must have been a fascinating amalgam of Texas, cockney and East-European accents.

I have heard only one recording by Mme. Samaroff, her performance of the Ride of the Valkyries. As fans of Ann Richards and Molly Ivins know, Texas women are tough.


One correction: she was born Lucie Hickenlooper. Not Lucy.

And having heard Mlle Elizondo's performance and the ensuing rapturous ovation, I'm wondering if Stockhausen shouldn't consider doing a concert tour down south......

M. C-

Zut alors -- He is arisen! Bonjour, M. Croche. I knew I should have done some research on Texan pianists before writing this post. Merci for the expanding the boundaries of my knowledge, as usual.


From the Wing site:

"I have worked hard and I hope you have all found I am improving."

I cannot COUNT how many times I have used this line on my audience.

Brett Klaus

I think i just puked a little bit in my mouth after hearing that performance, as well as the announcer... (sherzo?)


"And so, kind friends, what I have wrote
I hope you will pass o'er,
And not criticize as some have done
Hitherto herebefore."

--Julia Moore, "The Sweet Singer of Michigan" (1847-1920), quoted in The Stuffed Owl: an Anthology of Bad Verse


Chopin Advocate


Greg Brown

Miss Gulf Coast's Chopin Sharezo is becoming an underground favorite at Juilliard. You also might be interested to know that this partictular performance won Cindy 2 talent awards in that pagent. That's right, I said 2!! Proof?...Check it out: http://www.misstexas.org/scholr2000.htm

Thanks for the laughs,


Nice work! I can't get Welcome to the Jungle out of my head! ''Welcome to The Jungle, We've Got Fun And Games"

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