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Robert Gable

I am "remotely interested" in this... I've played around with https://musicmobs.org but it's so anonymous compared to what I see here. John Adams! Leila Josefowicz! Air! Steven Isserlis!

Of course, there's also this guy (https://scottwoods.blogspot.com/2004/11/records-16.html) who is blogging his way through his record collection. Abba, ACDC, Adam Ant...

I do think MP3s are fragmenting my listening habits. I almost never listen to a complete CD anymore, except in the car, and find myself having to make an extra effort to listen to all of a multi-track work. On the other hand, I play from a broader part of the my collection than I would with just CDs. Why, just as I write this, I've heard Dexter Gordon, Pauline Oliveros, Henry Cowell, and Jeff Harrington. Led Zeppelin next.

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