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You are just cursed. There's got to be a displaces Voodoo high priestess somewhere in San Fransisco. And no. Herbal Specialist don't count. If there is no chicken blood spilled, then I can promise you that nothing was lifted.
The question is...which colleague has put this on you? Or was it a conductor? Or even, god forbid, an opera blogger? Have you pissed off any televangelists lately? They seem to have a pretty significant pull with the wrathful side of God. But then again, I'm sure God's as tired of listening to them as (S)he is of hearing a jihad called down every thirty seconds. It's becoming rather analagous with the brith rate I hear.

M. C-

A curse! Now there's a possibility I hadn't considered. I've always laid the blame at the feet of the sadists who call themselves Parking Control Officers, and bewailed my fate knowing that any resistance was futile. But if witchcraft is involved, then surely I can find someone to help! There's certainly no shortage of Wiccans here...


Speaking of curses. I think you passed yours onto me. I've been house sitting this week and tooling around in a new red VW LoveBug. Not 24 hours in, I got a ticket for merely being alive.

M. C-

EEEEK! I'm contagious!


The ticket that you just got is from SFPD, from the police. Now, you can not blame DPT for that ticket that said SFPD!

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