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Joshua Kosman

Congratulations on joining the church of the Schubert C-Major Quintet. It is my belief -- a belief undimmed by its obvious foolishness -- that this is the single greatest piece of music ever written, by anyone, ever. Weirdly, I'm not alone in this. Many years ago I was in the Chronicle office putting off writing a review of a contemporary program, and propounded my theory to a co-worker. She was amused but skeptical. Then came the early edition of the Examiner, with a review of the same program, and my opposite number (Tim Pfaff) demonstrated the point by saying of some new piece that although it was good, it was, you know, no Schubert C-Major Quintet. Ta-da! A moment of vindication like the Marshall McLuhan/Woody Allen bit.

M. C-

Who knew I had stumbled upon a religion? I'm mighty anxious to hear more recordings; recommendations from parishioners are welcomed!

Lisa Hirsch

Woo! I'll have to get a copy. Alban Berg, you say? And what M. C- said about recommendations. (I have a couple of CDs of the ABQ doing the Schubert quartets.)


Really, dude, you should stop driving and polluting the planet and above all parking in MY neighborhood (I'm at the corner of Franklin & McAllister). Either that, or figure out how to give a bribe to corrupt cops like J.T. so you don't get a ticket.

As for missing concerts, there's another chance to catch Bolcom/Morris this Sunday evening FOR FREE at the Piedmont Piano Company. I can't make it because, well, I can't, but they sent me an email that I don't think they would mind my sharing.

Dear Friends,

Please Join us on Sunday, April 24 at our beautiful new San Francisco store for a very special FREE performance by William Bolcom and Joan Morris, presenting "From Ragtime to Cabaret, American piano music and popular songs from the 19th and 20th centuries." Pulitzer prize winning composer William Bolcom and his wife soprano Joan Morris are the leading interpreters of American popular song, and make a rare local appearance:


Admission is free, but please RSVP by e-mail to music@piedmontpiano.com
or by phone 415-543-9988. Please stay after the show for a reception with the artists.

For more information please go to:


M. C-

I'm telling you, I've tried the no-car route, and it is no-fun. Given my weird and irregular daily itineraries, TSR would just be filled with horrific MUNI stories in lieu of the parking disasters.

Tx for the Bolcom notice -- I might indeed try to make it!

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