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M. R-

M. A- informs me that Wing is played from time to time on the Sirius satellite radio Broadway station, where she has gained some (in)fame among the theatre crowd.

Brian Sacawa

I guess you can get famous from a South Park episode!


I'm back from mourning. The sting of Grisi-Pasta's loss is still great, but I move on.
I've been listening to Wing (when I can stand it) for about a year. One of my friends (La Sorella) gave me two of her albums for Christmas in 2003: Wing Sings All Your Favorites (The Andrew Lloyd Webber album) and its companion, Wing Sings the Carpenters.
She is an utter balm for my feelings of musical inadequacy.
The true gem of both of those albums is the final cut on the Carpenter's disc. Schubert's Ave Ma-li-ah, as she so elloquently sings it. Glatia prena. I kid you not. Not since the Rossini cat duet has such feline singing been heard. AND!! She gets off by (count them) two measures (plus change).
Oh it is an omen of a great day when Wing shows up in the random player.

M. C-

You have no idea how jealous I am that someone presented you with albumfuls of Winged music. "It won't be easy, you'll think it stwange when I twy to expwain how I feew..."

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