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Whoa, that's bizarre, but I like to see cats doing pretty much anything- so cute! :) Thanks for linking to my site- glad you enjoyed my classical music rant the other day. Great blog you have here! I saw that you mentioned Laurie Rubin in a post- you didn't go to Oberlin with her, did you? I did, so that would mean you went with me, and that would be weird.

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Hooray! Flying Temple Cats!


M. C-

Sarah: Thanks for the comment! Ich bin kein Oberliner, but Laurie did a hella good job in the rehearsal I saw. She's a really fine performer, and I hope I get to hear her again.

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cats snacking on peanuts??? Who'd have thought...

Clarence Close

It is pretty amazing that they can get such an independant creature as a cat to 'jump through hoops'.;^}

It is wonderful what can be done with time, affection and trust.

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I love the cats, and by seeing this pics i think i have to teach my cats to jump like that

nice pics

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