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Lisa Hirsch

Wait - bass-baritone??? Oh, that's funny, especially 24 hours after hearing him next to Richard Paul Fink, who's a real bass-baritone. Agree that Finley was great (and I forgot to mention in my review that "Batter my heart" would have worked equally well staged more subtly).

andrea b.

I may go out and see it myself, so I took your advice and stopped reading above the photo. ...

When I went to post, though I saw something briefly there at the end about the bass-baritone controversy ... Just can't resist asking again, isn't it true that there are no actual soprano roles in this one?

andrea b.

... and thank you for the link!

Lisa Hirsch

Andrea, right - no soprano roles. Two contrasting mezzo roles, one high mezzo, one low/contralto (or at least that's how they sounded to me).

M. C-

Lisa's right. It's a male-heavy cast since women were not permitted to work on the Project itself. The women characters come in to illuminate Oppenheimer's personal life: there's just his wife Kitty (the high mezzo role that was written for LHL) and their Tewa Indian maid Pasqualita (the low mezzo/contralto role).

As for the baritone business, I'd say it's not so much a controversy as an expression of my own shock at Finley's awesome flexibility.


Alex's piece made me want to fly to your town right away. Alas, not feasible.

Thanks for your impressions, M. C-.

M. C-

Likewise, John. And congratulations on finishing the tracking for the album!


Whoa, history footnote: Women weren't ipso facto excluded from working on the project; but in 1945 the number of women scientists (especially physicists) was so low that, de facto, the people who actually built the bomb were all male. Los Alamos had hundreds of women (scientists' wives, WACS, etc.) working in support roles. Some of them knew or guessed what was up, but they weren't officially part of the inner circle.

M. C-

Thanks for the correctionI knew someone would catch it if I was misspeaking. I knew that there were of course many women working at Los Alamos, but never heard about or saw footage of them in scientific roles.

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