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Lisa Hirsch

Yikes. I have had a busy week and I have to confess that I dozed through parts of the second act, including the Vishnu chorus. No comments on the ending, then, beyond wondering whether that big drumroll at the end was new. I am tentatively planning to go back for the last performance, though.

Alex Ross

New ending? Drumroll? What's happening?

Lisa Hirsch

We need M. C- to comment, I think.

M. C-

My favorite part in the new ending is when the pachinko machines starting ringing and you hear Pizzicato 5 come on in surround sound singing "Twiggy Twiggy"!

I'm joking of course. Too punchy and exhausted to post more right now, but will return to this subject tomorrow.

Lisa Hirsch

So where are you? :-)

Lisa Hirsch

Meanwhile - I've blogged about Tuesday night. Planning to go again tomorrow night, standing room.

M. C-

So where are you? :-)

Overwhelmed at work. :-(

Planning to go again tomorrow night, standing room.

Get out the way, lest I run you down during the sprint to the rail...

Lisa Hirsch



Dear M.C- You really do have an extraordinary ear. I knew the first couple of minutes worked better than it had the first time but I hadn't realized the reason was because they cranked up the volume, which was what was required dramatically. I will also bow before your appreciation of General Groves' diet scene as a tension-breaker before the first-act finale. It was actually the dull ten minutes before the diet scene that I was objecting to rather than the content itself.

As for "I hate to say it but you would certainly not have been sitting at home eating dinner if Lorraine had been on stage," my response is EXACTLY. The Kitty part is huge and difficult and requires a Major Singer like Miss Lorraine. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Kristine Jepson's performance except that she was boring and didn't give that extra twist to the music that would make it her own.

I am above all happy that you're conveying the fact that opera is a living art partly because it IS different during every performance, sometimes radically so. I've been a supernumerary over the years and have experienced a poorly attended Tuesday night performance of "Peter Grimes," for instance, that was THE BEST of the entire run, for magical reasons that no one could possibly fathom. To be the lone standee at that performance is a form of intellectual arrogance but it's also just a way to praise the wonders that surround us.

Lisa Hirsch

I attended three performances of the 1998 run of "Tristan" (yes, despite the vile Schmidt); two were merely excellent, the third, transcendent. The perfomances were all quite different tempo-wise. I timed them and I seem to recall that the run time differed by 20 minutes or so over the course of the opera - HUGE.

I'm about to put something up at Iron Tongue re last night. It'll be titled "Never had a chance," sadly.

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