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Bryant Manning

snob alert! snob alert! i happen to find the music of michael bolton a "secret passion" of my own. whenever an artist puts "passion" right up on the album cover, you know it's a testament to his soul--Bach notwithstanding.

how's that royksopp record, btw?

M. C-

meh. i've given it a few honest tries, and have come away with nothing memorable.

and while we're on the subject of passions, let us not overlook the passion of st. jos, on which jos carreras thought it would be a good idea to put lyrics to instrumental works, like concierto de aranjuez, so that he could sing along.

Bryant Manning

Damn! What is it with people's hardons for Rodrigo and the aranjuez?

And I hope, M.C-, that you picked up on my sarcasm in my post. Morever, I hope everybody picked up on that--pray god.

M. C-

It's so ethnic! That's what I love about it.

That, my friend, is sarcasm. But I can see the depth, truth and honesty of your love for Michael Bolton shining through your urbane, dispassionate veneer. You may pray to God all you like, but even He cannot help you with this one.

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