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Alex Ross

SR, surely you're not making the discovery this late in the game that music critics, along with academics and behind-the-scenes professional adjudicators, focus nearly all of their attention on the things that matter least, and miss the essential emotional transaction that takes place between musicians and audiences. I certainly don't exempt myself from that studiously irrelevant company.


Great rant, and the first piece of writing that actually makes me want to see/hear the piece.

As for Sellars, there is no director more fun and interesting to work for in the operatic world, and you're right about the commitment he gets from his performers. Sometimes, though, his staging doesn't work for the audience and there's no way to tell if that's the case when onstage.

Lisa Hirsch

That is a fantastic rant.

I think a friend of mine saw this in Santa Fe; I must check what she thought of it.

M. C-

oh dear, i didn't intend that to be a rant at all! but upon revisiting it the next morning, i see that it inadvertently came out that way... that's what i get for posting while swilling bourbon, i suppose. my apologies to anyone who's put out by this post.

M. C-

and alex, surely you're not making the discovery this late in the game that m. c- is no accidental naïf? ;-)


Bravo, M.C-. Rant or not. Honesty is always welcome to this blog-reader.

From your description of the Santa Fe experience, it sounds like that venue and setting provided magic that was not possible at the Rose Theater. But I have seen this piece twice now in two different productions and I will be first in line to see it again... Bravo, I say, to all involved.


I could not agree with you more. When I saw "Ainadamar" in Santa Fe, it was the political statement of the work that seemed central. I did not technically write a "review" (since I saw not a performance but a near-premiere rehearsal), but here are my thoughts on the Santa Fe production at Ionarts. In the reviews of the Lincoln Center production I've read, it doesn't sound like there were significant changes from Santa Fe. Were there any?

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