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Wait - what is the link between cibo matto and gorillaz? I'm confused, and maybe I need to listen to gorillaz...

M. C-

ah, crap. i thought miho hatori still had a hand in gorillaz. see, this is why i like having real cds and all the attendant packaging. sorry for the lameness of the replacement haiku. i hope to be struck with inspiration later today.

Alex Ross

Who needs pop critics? Well, you could ask that question even without this funny and accurate roundup.

Sr. R-

M. C-, for those of us whose only recent exposure to current music has been in the form of Original Cast Albums, can you please explain what you understand to be the allure of Coldplay? The other day, I saw them on MTV being idolized by just about every rock band out there; even subtracting out the normal MTV hyperbole, it really seems that others see something big in them.

What am I missing? All I hear is the monotone of an alt-rock Bono wannabe singing in that generic Gavin Degraw/James Blunt/Train/Duncan Sheik "This is Alice music" whine. There must be more to it, right?

OK. Very funny. But you really need to spend a bit more time with the U2 album before you dismiss it so quickly... from guess who...

Lisa Hirsch

Those are fabulous reviews! They're making me curious about the music! (I am sadly deficient in my knowledge of the non-classical scene.)


Monsieur C. ventures
Where musicologists fear
Genius prospers

M. C-

> Who needs pop critics?

Free weekly newspapers! Massage/escort ads can only fill so many column inches, after all.

As for the "allure of Coldplay," this phenomenon has remained a mystery to me from the start. I would almost rather listen to the 12 Girls Band's cover.

Confidental to Anon.: Ok, ok, back to Rhapsody for another go.

B.B. Manning

Never understood how U2 attained that god-like status. I don't hear a whole lot of progress from their early records of the 80s to now. Went to a concert of theirs last May, and Bono did some spiritual spoken word to a young girl he grabbed from the audience. A little too sincere for my tastes. As AC Douglas would say: "Oh Dear."

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