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I cried that I couldn't attend either Tuesday or Wednesday night. Reading Kosman's review today, I couldn't help but STOP for a very long minute to contemplate:

"As she sang, Monk fragmented the phrases and turned them inside out, like a human sampler -- now bending the pitch up and down, now repeating tiny fragments in a rhythmic stutter. The effect was like a Joni Mitchell ballad ("The Last Time I Saw Richard" would be the obvious choice) cut up and reassembled."

We "coo over Matmos" (oh yes, I do too!) and yet Monk does it LIVE. I find this fascinating. I'm unsure if the piano is as capable as the human voice at sounding (acoustically, in live time) as if it's been processed. Or maybe Monk does let technologies help her out; I guess I'd know if I'd been able to go! Next time.

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