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Bryant Manning

so beautiful and talented...what a horrible shame

Lisa Hirsch

Joshua Kosman has a writeup on her today in the Chron....

Matt Heller

Thank you for this. Several obituaries have quoted Charles Michener's 2004 New Yorker piece "The Soul Singer". Also NPR's Fresh Air broadcast a tribute yesterday by Lloyd Schwartz and an interview from 1996.

David Kessler

We returned from holiday to learn stunning news of Lorraine's passage while listening to Sarah Cahill's elegaic memorial selections on KALW. I am moved to tears at the sadness of losing so beautiful a person and a divine voice at so early an age. It is just not fair, something over which to beat one's fists against the iron walls of existence, filled with anger and despair in vain. Memories of stunning gorgeous performances with Philharmonia Baroque will remain always with us and many others. What depth can one's grief reach? Oh sad hour....


The sadness some people (including myself) are feeling is fairly selfish, as in, "damn, I'll never get to hear her sing Kitty in Doctor Atomic!" At least Lorraine had a wonderful, interesting career.

The saddest loss of an artist I've ever witnessed was Calvin Simmons in the late 1970s/early 1980s. He was a Bay Area black gay dude nurtured by the San Francisco Boys Chorus and then Kurt Herbert Adler at the San Francisco Opera, and the guy literally radiated musical intelligence from his fingertips. I don't think I've ever heard better Mozart conducting live in my life.

He became a popular Oakland Symphony resident conductor, did a few operas at the San Francisco Opera (including a dynamite "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk"), and was prepared to become a real superstar, when he fell out of a canoe in a New England lake one summer when he was in his late 20s/early 30s, and he drowned.

I've been mourning ever since.

Thanks for the Wall Street Journal link to the SFO season roundup, where I finally get a mention in that cursed fascist rag as a near-naked Druid painting my partner blue.

Janice Tilden

Lorraine Hunt and I entered San Jose State's music department as freshman the same year, and I became a fanatic about her voice when we had a theory class together. I always thought she was a rare talent and a rare person. The reference to "Lorrie Hunt" (her professional name until the mid 70's) brought back the utter astonishment of hearing that voice for the first time.


R.I.P she was amazing...

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