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Foster Reed

hecka good hella, fella

I wish I would have found this post earlier. I just wasted 100$ on 2 tickets to see this show in DC. The Falun Gong are a tricky bunch of cultists that use really deceptive tactics to raise money.

Sally DeFrancesco

I also wasted a lot of money in DC. I felt I was tricked into watching essentially a sort of propaganda that I did not expect!!

I saw the show in 2006 here is Oz. Quite frankly, it was the best theatre experience I have ever had. Other Chinese shows that I have seen couldn't even come close to matching it.

For the calibre of this show, $100 is nothing!
I'll be seeing the show again this year for sure and would highly recommend it to anyone.

 Sarah Mager

My elderly parents went to see the show in L.A. They had a wonderful time and said that it was the best show they have ever been to.

My mom particularly loved the scene about the Tiananmen Square. She said that it showed traditional value of goodness. She said that the theater was wonderful and the night was magical and could not stop talking about it.

They said it was worth driving the 3 hour trip.

I will definately take my husband to see the show myself.

Joanna Chen

After seeing all these beautiful photos you took, I really question how could you come up with such a strange conclusion. What is wrong with Falun Gong? There are plenty of shows and concerts with Christian or Buddism content. At least they are much better than those shows made by Chinese goverment full of propaganda to praise Chinese Communist Party and distort traditional Chinese culture.

I took my kids and parents to the show in Los Angeles. It was a great experience. Our whole family loved it and we would definitely watch it again next year. Some of our friends also watched it and felt the show was fantastic.

The persecution towards Falun Gong in China is brutal. I am very sympathetic towards that and appreciate that they can make such a great show under such difficult situation.

Elly Zhu

I drove 5 hours to Chicago with my friends to watch the gala last year. I have to say it is REALLY great: the music, the beautiful costume, the performance, etc. I really enjoyed it.

Yes, I see the difference of this show from others is the spirituality plays an important role. But it is not surprising because we know spirituality is a very important part in Chinese culture, isn't it?

And I can feel that the show promotes the spirituality of "benevolence". What's wrong with that? I believe our society nowadays really needs that virtue.

Amanda Henderson

I bought tickets for the show for both my friend and I, and we both loved it.

Frankly, acrobats are just a little too cliched and over used and I was VERY thankful it was absent from this show. I was
also glad there wasn't anything "sexy" either because, for one thing, there were LITTLE CHILDREN sitting in the seats next to us. If you want sex, go get yourself some porn and keep it OFF the stage.

Truth be told, I actually gained better respect for Chinese culture. I always thought that it was made of nothing but acrobats, peking opera, martial arts and a whole lot of the color red. You know, the typical things you see during Chinese new year; it was getting a little boring, and by little I mean a lot.

But this show was completely different. It was refreshing.

M. C-

I can see that emails are going around with direct links to this post, so before this spirals out of control as it did on SFist, I'm closing this comment thread.

In the hundreds of comments this post has received, here and in the various cross-posts, no one has addressed the main issue:

Audience members are not universally told before buying their tickets that this show's primary objective is to promote the Falun Gong.

The issue is not with Falun Gong spiritual beliefsI am glad that people have freedom to practice their religion here, unlike in China. Whether or not the NTDTV Spectacular is an enjoyable show is also not of any real importI'm glad for those who enjoyed it, but I did not, and again I'm glad that we have the freedom to disagree.

But I'd like to leave this argument with one thought that I hope no one can disagree with:

The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectactular is a show presented and performed by Falun Gong practictioners and designed to promote the Falun Gong, and this fact must be fully disclosed to potential audience members before they buy their tickets, in all marketing and publicity materials.

Indeed, no one has disputed the first part of that statement, and interestingly not one commenter has addressed the second part.

Final thought: No one likes to be duped or defrauded. As Jerry Springer might say at the end of a similarly contentious discussion, take care of yourselves... and each other.

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