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had to skip over those questionable early '90s

Symbol is actually a great, great Prince album. Worth it for "7" and "Sexy M.F." alone, but there are tons of killing tracks. If you like Diamonds and Pearls, I can't see why you wouldn't be down with the followup.

M. C-

Agreed, O(+> is a FANTASTIC album! Sorry to be misleading; that one's already in the collection. I suppose what I really meant was mid-90s...

Vincent Kargatis

Chaos & Disorder bites, but I find Come plenty worthwhile, some decent tracks on that one. "Let It Go" is especially good, "Space" and "Dark" nice too.


Since he would probably too modest to point it out himself, DSJ has noted a yet another lacuna in your selection of Prince albums...


That IS an inexplicable site.

How much was it? Maybe I can run and snatch it up before it's gone...

M. C-

ok ok, fair enough, i had only enough room on my arm for so many albums at once and had to make some choices. gold experience & come will be added to the 16.5 hrs of prince I already have on the ipod on the next amoeba run. lacunae pointing is always appreciated!

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