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vilaine fille

Besides "dolce gabbana" + [name of Italian soccer player] (often coming from Islamist nations, including military ISPs), the evergreen Google strings for ma blague are "joshua bell gay" and "juan diego florez gay."


Wait a sec, now I'm totally confused. You have an editorial note that Kosman is not gay, which sort of implies that everybody else on your list is gay, but last I heard David Gockley wasn't claiming membership in the tribe either. And what about cute little Edwin Outwater? And was Eleanor Steber a lesbian rather than a fag hag or am I completely misinformed? Help. I won't be able to sleep tonight.

M. C-

To paraphrase our Supreme Court in the decision that crowned Bush emperor seven yrs ago: the above consideration of Mr. Kosman is limited to the present circumstances, as the problem of equal consideration of all Googlees generally presents many complexities. (In other words, I wouldn't assume precedent is created from that one example...)

Bryant Manning

In my interview w/ Nathan for Time Out this week, I couldn't help but mention TSR in passing. FYI

M. C-

i hope you let him know that i am not "rabid." or, at least, that i don't bite (that hard)

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