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Joshua Kosman

Yikes, I had no idea my movements were being tracked so assiduously (except by, y'know, Homeland Security). The reliability of my seating in Herbst is a function of SF Performances; under other management, all bets are off. I was a little further forward than usual and on the opposite side of the aisle.

As for our host's timeline of events, well:

We know him well,
He cannot tell
Untrue or groundless tales —
He always tries
To utter lies,
And every time he fails....

And in this case
It all took place
Exactly as he says!


You forgot to mention the moment during the program when I had to bring out more water for Alex Ross. Otherwise, a thorough synopsis!

Best wishes,

City Arts & Lectures

Marc Geelhoed

I must register my thorough disagreement with John Rockwell's metaphor of music criticism. It is surely more of a "cumulus of metaphor and poetry" than it is a "nimbus," I think we can all surely agree.

Henry Holland

I attended Mr. Ross' multi-media presentation at the Central Library here in Los Angeles. It was very enjoyable, especially when a majority of the audience would tense up during those Stockhausen and Boulez excerpts that he played! :-)

Ah, here we go: "...That said, this is not an objective view of the music of the 20th century. This is Alex's view of the 20th century."

Um, duh, Mr. Rockwell. How can *anyone* write an "objective view of the music of the 20th century"? Everyone, every single one of us, has their preferences and biases and hobby-horses. During last night's Q&A someone gently chided Mr. Ross for not mentioning the Great American Songbook. Hey, I can play *that* silly game too: Alex Ross is a big poopyhead for not mentioning prog rock or jangly guitar bands like Crowded House and Midnight Oil.

Alex Ross

I had a cold. I drank water and vitamin beverages. Is that a crime all of a sudden? Sheesh! No pleasin' the peanut galleries.

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