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Congratulations, superstarlet. Even though I know you are all only doing this for musical, spiritual, and intellectual purposes, you're also a very cute sextet. Look forward to seeing/hearing y'all in performance some day.


Please, pimp away. There are plenty of us Johns out here looking for what you're selling. This is how we hear about things -- I'd be embarrassed to tell you how little I know about Meredith Monk, but you're inspiring me to find out more. I hope you perform out here soon. This sounds like the way dance traditions are passed on -- training directly from the creators rather than interpretation of notation.

Lisa Hirsch

Wow, just wow: fantastic news, and OF COURSE pimp the group.


When's the west coast tour? There's amtrack (well, Caltrain) here too!

Lisa Hirsch

I was about to ask about West Coast performances!

The Opera Tattler

How wonderful! Break a leg!

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