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Nothing is sordid quite like New York City sordid, which of course leads me to wonder what KIND of nasty porn did he order? Gay, straight, animals, what...? Also, the greatest detail is that smiley face after "shared." Wow.


I laughed so hard I died. Then came back to life. Then died again. Thanks. Now I'm down to seven lives.


Ewww ... I think I'd want to toss the wallet. But then I'm wimpy and silly that way. And I'm an oboe player, which explains everything about me completely, really ... don'tcha think?

Are you going to the symphony this Wednesday?

The Opera Tattler

How bizarre. Did you see the chickens in that opera? I wanted to see it again just for the chickens.


What a kind, considerate thief.


It wasn't Ramey. That Akhrossimova is one sexy b----.

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