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What fun, and I'm filled with envy. Tilson Thomas started his "American Mavericks" festival some years ago with an audience participation "In C" which offended Riley and he didn't attend the performance. However, I think Riley was mistaken. The piece is durable enough that amateurs of different abilities on different instruments managed to create a musical event that was paradoxically individualistic while filled with a sense of community, as you note. I loved every minute of it, surrounded by sound, and was surprised like you at how marvelously complex AND simple the piece is in performance. Again, have a great time.


We can't wait!

Bruce Hodges

Congratulations, and very much looking forward to the performance. I can't recall ever hearing the piece with such a large ensemble!

Bruce Hodges

That was one of the most memorable events of the season, in many ways. You must have been thrilled with the audience response.

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